Cyclo Cross Gold In the 50′s

Wight Mountain Red Funnel Cyclo cross team

Wight Mountain/Red Funnel team have had another successful season in the Wessex Cyclocross league. Racing in most counties around the south of england from Southampton to Swindon, Wareham to Basingstoke. Some courses in the forest, some over park land and school fields, this season we started with two riders in the vets league, unfortunately half way through the season, Steve Dines had to drop out due to injury, leaving Martyn Dymond to complete his first season in the vet 50s. Martyn regularly finished in the top 15 of most races, the reward being, 13th vet overall and winning Gold,
1st in the vet 50s.
In the senior race, the team consisted of three riders, Alec Broome, his first season at cyclocross, finishing a credible 14th overall, Jorge Milan, from from a Mountain Bike background, also his first season in cyclocross, finishing 30th overall and Gordon Bushell, who only came into the league half way through, still managed to finish 42nd overall.
These three seniors finished in 6th team position.
Photo shows a jubilant Martyn Dymond having just won Gold in the vet 50s.


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