Wight Mountain in Morzine France 2011

The Wight Mountain annual trip to the alps 2011 by Russ Newnham


We managed to sneak in a last minute trip to Morzine again this year with the smallest group yet of just the 4 of us. Me and Dean Taylor (wight mountain staff) and good friends Dean Masterton and Leon Chessell.

It started with the ever gruelling drive down to Morzine with a 3 am start, after driving for an entire day we arrived at the Active Edge holiday chalet where we stay every year and would highly recommend it, due to amazing food and friendly hospitality from owners Andy and Jackie. (We even managed to drag Andy out on our spare DH bike for the day!!!)

Days 1 and 2 went well for us all, just getting the feel for our bikes and fighting the hand and arm pump, as we didnt want to ruin our holiday this early on, but that changed pretty quickly on the third day, with confidence and stupidity taking over skill levels!! On the first run with Dean M right on my arse and the helmet cam recording my every mistake Dean went down in spectacular form due to the high speed chase.

 After re-grouping half way down the pace picked straight back up to its ‘to fast for your skill’ level and within 4 corners I was pulling away from camera man Dean, then it was my turn go down with a nice high speed slide out, tangled up in the bike whilst burying my helmet into the floor. Un hurt and with a twisted set of bars we headed over to Chatel, where the chatel road gap is! Despite the crash confidence was still high and I knew it was something i had always wanted to do for years, so today was the day, do or die!

It’s weird, as this was the year I took my Yeti 575 which is the least amount of travel I have ever taken to France!! but where it was my UK ride and i am used to it, it had to be!

Anyway… Gap Done!! with ease, then headed down to Chatel to see who was guna crash next?……. Leon! It was awesome!! we will post the head cam footage of it on here soon…. He followed me into this little kicker which had a ditch dug out about 2 metres after it and he didn’t see it until he steamed his front wheel into it!! resulting in him being catapulted over the bars, snapping his front wheel and surprisingly getting away fairly un hurt. (Nothing an ice pack all evening and pain killers couldn’t sort out) We headed back to the chalet after that as we had all totaly pushed our luck that day and the rest of the week went a lot better.

We had the chatel road gap also done by Dean Masterton at the end of the week after watching chatel road gap crashes on youtube all night the evening before and a sleepless night worrying about it! (Well done Deano) and a nice little bail out to run by the other Dean on the Swiss national course!! (all on video to follow)

Another good trip with lots of drinking, chilling and eating, oh yeah and the riding was good as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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