Wight Mountain Rider Product Tests

Wight Mountains Own Long Term Product Tests

Kenda Nevegal All Weather Tyres

Wight Mountain is a rider owned bike shop this gives us the ability to only recommend products that pass our own extreme long term riding tests.

Kenda Nevegal Tyres John Tomac Series

Kenda Nevegal DTC Tyre

Downhill versions made with Stick-E rubber and CAP Ply casing with bead insert. Nevegal Lite made with dual tread compound L3R Pro. Tall knobs designed to penetrate and hold on loose terrain.

L3R Pro – Low rolling resistance rubber compound used in lightweight cross country applications. Benefits are low rolling resistance, increased tread life and a lighter tyre.
Stick-E – Slow rebounding rubber compound for the ultimate in traction control. The slow rebound ratio of the rubber, acts as a suspension, allowing the tread to conform to the trail surface rather than bouncing off of it. Stick E rubber is used in two applications. One is over the entyre tread surface (Freeride/Downhill) the other is on the outside knobs used on cross country applications for outstanding traction in the corners.
CAP Ply – Originally developed for our motorcycle tyres, CAP Ply is puncture resistant material designed to prevent pinch flats.

Out on the trail the kenda is proving to be a strong grippy tyre which allows predictable and trusted cornering in all but the most severe of conditions, the different rubber grades from edge to middle allow you to crank the bike over through the corners and go well beyond what you would expect, the mud clearing has been good and buckets of grip when needed.

Overall i nice surprise for a tyre that doesnt get that much press.

Schwalbe Hans Dampf Tyres

Schwalbe’s Hans dampf tyre offers an all round package for your mountain bike, Schawlbe are now offering their tyres in 3 different compounds, tenacious VertStar for downhill riders, TrailStar offering a good compromise for Enduro and hard wearing PaceStar for XC. The new Hans Dampf features a Snake Skin sidewall aimed to minimise sidewall damage, and are tubeless ready. The 2.35 carcass comes up really big, easily as voluminous as a 2.5 Maxxis, and on a set of Stans Flow rims the tyre profile is nice and rounded offering a smooth transition onto the sidewalls.

Grip when riding comes in large lumps, especially in dry and rocky conditions, giving you confidence in the bends and when things get tech!! grip is obviously less when things get muddy and wet but still offers the rider enough confidence to ride through the section with speed and control!!

Sanderson Promag-SL Pedals
Sanderson Promag-SL magnesium pedals are amongst the lightest full size pedals available without sacrificing either strength or grip.
The body is cast from high grade magnesium for a massive weight saving over aluminium pedals,
traction pins are replaceble in case of damage or lose.
The pedals run on a combination of oilite and sealed cartridge bearings for super smooth operation and long term durability.

These awesome pedals from Sanderson really do show the durability of modern lightweight trail pedals, You instantly notice the extra grip the well placed pins provide, and a sensibly sized platform allows you to find the pedal quickly in those “sketchy” moments.

These pedals have been ridden on just about everything over the last year, rain, dust, snow and have been regularly used for downhill as well as long xc rides and are still going strong.

For £49.99 we can highly recommend these pedals!

Swiss Stop Disc 25 4 Season Brake Pads

Finding the right brake pads for your riding needs can be just as tricky as choosing the correct brakes themselves, if you are constantly riding lengthy high speed downhills then having a pad that overheats is virtually useless, and similarly having a pad that is to hard wearing for xc use can leave the brakes feeling unresponsive! and wooden!

We have been testing these Swiss Stop green Pads to get a general idea of performance and wear and tear in all weather conditions with excellent results so far

The Swiss stops remain responsive even after heavy braking on downhills but with out excessive heat fade but also maintain an excellent lever feel when being used for general riding or aggressive xc rides!

Wight Mountain Highly recommended!!

New X-Fusion hilo 125 Manual Dropper Post

With the dropper post becoming a trail necessity we tested one of the newest and cheapest dropper posts on the market to see if it would stand up to some wight mountain abuse.

The ability to raise and lower your seat on the fly not only allows for the best possible performance but also offers extra safety while riding. Being able to drop your seat before a technical decent could be the difference between cleaning the section or picking your teeth out of the dirt.
We decided not only to fit it to one of our bikes for the 6hour chevy chase enduro we also then packed it off to wales for a wet muddy and abusive xc holiday.

The xfusion hilo is a hydraulically operated 125mm dropper post that can either be used via a lever under the seat or with a remote fitted to the bars.

First thing you notice immediately is how easy the post drops with just your rider weight, as soon as you see a technical section appearing a quick flick of the lever and the seat drops to a non interfering level, allowing you to push your weight well back over the rear wheel making decents and drops alot less likely to through you over the bars.
As soon as you have realised the benefits of this and how easy it is to use, it is amazing just how much you use the ability to drop your seat even for the slightest of descents and jumps, we found ourselves launching and jumping off just about anything, just because we could… safely! bringing back that fun ellement of biking that seems a little lost in some peoples rides today!
The X-Fusion has performed faultlessly, through mud grit and rain, and as of yet has not even produced any of the very slight saddle rock that all posts seem to develope over time, because of this and the very reasonable price tag wight mountain is giving the X-fusion Hilo it a 9 out of 10 best test bike product award!
contact us for a test ride with one now!! 01983 520530

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