Wight Mountain hits – Cwmcarn Wales

Wight Mountain road trip to cwmcarn dh tracks in wales by Simon Hogg

At a time I have only seen a handful of times 5 people and myself piled In to the Wight mountain van and set of for south Wales. Big breakfasts were devoured on the boat and conversation started to pick up.

A few rainy hours later we arrived at the trail centre otherwise known as cwmcarn downhill track, the rain was initially a bit of a downer but as soon as the wet weather gear was donned and we were driven to the top of the windy mountain excitement started to flow.

The track consists of steep technical sections riddled with boulders, switchbacks, jumps, drops and fast open sections, this combination makes a very excitable journey down a mountain on two wheels!

As the day went on and more runs were put under the belt and a bit more bravery and confidence was acquired by all, corners were getting smashed, lines were being picked, and speed was being held throughout! You’ve got to love that rush right!

As the afternoon fell the sun decided to show it’s face for at least 2 hours which is pretty good going for Wales, as the trails started to dry out towards the end of the day So did my energy and concentration levels causing me to have a couple of ‘offs’ I believe this was the case for most luckily no serious injuries, sort off!.

As the day come to an end the bikes were cleaned, the van was reloaded and we set off back to the isle of Wight , an awesome day of hard riding was had by all and I believe everyone would agree with this, what would of completed it for me is if red funnel served Guinness, damn that lager favouritism!

Cheers dudes.


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