We are the ONLY!! shop in the UK to Sell SPOOKY’S!!

Wight Mountain are privileged to be the only bike shop in the UK to sell Spooky Bikes.

We have bonded a good friendship with Mickey from the States, who has decided to go it alone and sell his frames direct to the rest of the world.  This is because he has been fighting a losing battle trying to make a living with endless people taking their pound-of-flesh as your new Spooky makes its way to your door. Combine this with budget, mass production crap being churned out in the millions by other manufacturers!

Spooky are back with their handbuild works of art and are
still as ‘Rock n Roll’ as ever. Check their website out to see for yourself!
They are crafting metal into pretty much any style of frame
you require, with some freeride and DH rigs on the way!
We keep some Spooky frames in stock, but if you want something in a different size or colour we can order and hope to have what you want in approximately 3 weeks for the same price as you see on the spooky website! ( don’t forget to convert it from dollars to pounds! )

Thanks for reading and hope you share our passion for this
style of bike / company!

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